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I am so excited to share my thoughts with all of you on the topic of cancer-suffering patients who are getting treatment from Tata memorial hospital in Mumbai. Parel, near Dadar Rly station, about 2km, is a over crowded area. Mostly it’s famous for the Tata memorial cancer hospital. But there are also a few medical colleges and hospitals there at parel. Parel wadia children hospital and KEM (king Edward medical college and hospital, Orthopedic research center and hospital, ENT & ophthalmology Institute and so on.
Most of the people walking on the street are either patient or their relatives. They are not happy people you’ll find to observe their faces. Hundreds of patients and their kins are lying down to roadside. High rented hotels are occupied by the rich and solvent parties…. Of course there have not been any good hotels in parel. Bengali food is available there, but not tasty. Most of patients are from Bengal, Bihar, Assam and odisha. About 50% patients are bengalee. Rest are from up, bihar, jharkhand, Assam, Manipur, odisha. It’s hardly found any south Indian and Punjabi.
Next episode I will depict to the condition of the patients and the role of hospital authorities, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals in the Tata memorial cancer hospital.
Their health care system system and supports are to be discussed in the next day. Thank you, 😘